$15,000/month ?

Claim: Saul Montes-Bradley (SBM) claims that it costs $15,000 a month to host his instance of the open-source social media network Mastodon.

As such, SBM would often ask the users of his forum to donate and support his efforts.

SBM would often promote his large “users in total” count as seen below.

This figure includes all suspended or banned accounts and cannot be used as reliable number. A cursory look shows the “daily active users” count to be less than 150 per day.

The high monthly cost and low active user count is incongruent with most hosting providers.

Here’s an example pricing sheet from a Mastondon-specific hosting provider: https://masto.host/pricing/

A similar hosting plan for social.quodverum.com would cost 39 euros a month.

An intrepid person reached out to Eugen Rochko, creator of the open-source software Mastodon, for an estimate of monthly costs. Eugen happens to hosts mastodon.social, one of the largest instance with half a million users.

Conclusion: Based on similar hosting plans and the reply from the creator of Mastodon and host of an exceptionally large instance in the fediverse, this author does not believe hosting social.quodverum.com costs $15,000 per month.

We just do not know the true cost of running this particular instance of Mastodon, but a few of us suspect the hosting fees are an order of magnitude lower than the alleged $15,000 per month.

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